Friday, August 13, 2010

Expendables Premier Night

Yesterday, August 12th, was the premier night of “Expendables” at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. It was sponsored by the motorcycle magazine. And my akachan, Sir Jay and Sir Fluffy were 3 of the photographer covering the said event.

So, I was fortunate enough to have a passes/free ticket for this movie. Yey! The free ticket/passes also have 1 free snack — a big size pop corn, a large soda and 1 hotdog sandwich.

Before the start of the movie, there was of course a raffle draw. And there were actually bunch of prizes that had been given away yesterday such as freebies from colt45, watch from unisilver, watch from dickies, T-shirts and jacket from Von Dutch, caps, shoes and so much more. There was also a special prize for the lucky person with a coupon underneath their chairs. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any. Because I was kinda late when I arrived at the cinema due to traffic. Besides, my akachan had informed me late about the said premier night. So, as a result our tickets/raffle entry wasn’t able to include on the draw. But it’s just ok though, after all I came for the movie not for the prizes … hehe! Bitterness?! (doh) **just kidding**

Outside the cinema, there was a huge tarpaulin of expendables with a motorcycle display and another one but is for sale. I was able to have a picture ridin’ the said motorcycle display — pretending as if I really know how to drive one! Haha!


After the movie, there was “Biker’s Night Party’ at Congro Grille in El Pueblo in celebration for the success of the “Expendables” premier night. And since akachan, Sir Jay and Fluffy are the photographers for this night. So, we went there and continue their photo shoots for this event.

Fluffy, Sir Jay and akachan

I had so much fun last night even if I went home kinda late already. Because after the party, we still had a late night coffee at Starbucks Podium Branch. ^_^ And also because the movie was awesome! The lead casts/actors are all great. Even if Stallone looks really old, he still did great. I like the fight scenes there and I like how Statham threw knife at the enemies. ^_^ And despite of being the smallest guy in the movie, Jet Li did great, too!


RicAdeMus said...

I always enjoy free things much more. LOL I have not seen the Expendables yet, but I want to.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@RicAdemus: well, its a great should really see it..i just don't know if its still showing in cinemas..if ever it isn't anymore..then just wait for its dvd copy or try searching it at torrent..hehe :)) thanks for visiting :)

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