Sunday, June 27, 2010

Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines 2010

Cosplay which is short for “Costume Roleplay” is such a fad in Japan. But many countries are doing the same nowadays, just like here in the Philippines.

Cosplay is an art of performing in which cosplayers do costumes and accessories to represent a certain character/anime. But here in the country, since we have a big influence of western culture, cosplay here is also consists of different western characters — such as characters from Marvel and the like.

Today, June 27th, there is an anime event at PTTC (Philippine Trade Training Center) in Pasay City. The Cosplay Event Title is “Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines” which is an international cosplay competition wherein the finals will be held in Singapore next month.

I went to PTTC together with my akachan and his sis Abby to witness the said event and also for akachan to be able to take photos of the cosplayers and also to promote their Studio — Skyefire Studios.

Here are the pics that akachan took during the event earlier:


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