Thursday, June 3, 2010

Got My 1st Payment from Paid-to-Click

I woke up late yesterday. So, as a consequence, I wasn’t able to go to work … which means another “1 day without pay” to me. I already got a total of “2 without pays” for this coming payday because I already consumed all my SL … huhu T_T

Coincidentally, it was my first day of my menstruation. So, I decided to go to Landmark in Ayala, to buy sanitary napkins and a new umbrella for me and for my mother, (since it’s already a rainy season).

I supposed to just buy a sanitary napkin and umbrella, but as I was roaming inside the mall I got tempted to purchase other products such as: beauty and hygienic products, belt, Musk by Allysa Ashley lotion and a new dress which I can wear in the office every Fridays or Saturdays (washday) ^_^

I also meet up with my friend and officemate there and I helped her in choosing sandals for her, for her sis and her mom that they’ll be using for her wedding. ^_^ And oh, I’m her bridesmaid — the “Most Gorgeous bridesmaid ever” … LOLz =))

Before we went home, we dropped by at Kenny Rogers at Glorietta and bought whole classic roast for our viand/supper.

Then before going to sleep that night, I checked my paypal account and I found out that my payment from PaidtoClick was already send there. Yey! I was happy coz at least I’ve proven that it wasn’t a SCAM! So, now I already got a 2 surepayer PTC accountsNeobux and PaidtoClick :D

In PaidtoClick site, all payments are being done automatically every month. As long as the user already accumulate $1 or above, his/her payment will automatically be send to his/her paypal account. But if in case, he/she wasn’t able to accumulate $1 yet during the automatic payment of PaidtoClick, then the earnings will be credited for the next month.

It took about almost a month or I guess more than a month before I accumulated $1 and got my payment. But it’s ok though coz I didn’t actually invest for anything aside from: my time, internet connection and my patience ^_^

Now, I’m looking forward to getting paid from that PTC sites more. So, if you wanna earn $ and get instantly paid in my paypal, then just click here ^_^

Oh, by the way, here is the pic for the payment proof at Neobux before my account got suspended. :) Now, I’m just waiting for 2 months before I signup for a new Neobux account :D


airamara said...

hello, visiting here and clicked ads for you (",)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Kainggit! Nag apply din ako d'yan sa mga PTC na 'yan and I had you as my referrers. Kaso tinamad ako after two weeks. Kaya tumigil din ako.

Sa bahay kasi ako nag ne net. Pag sa work kasi eh naunahan na ako ng ibang tao na mag apply sa mga PTC. Smart Bro kasi gamit ko eh.

redamethyst said...

congrats on your payment!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@airamara: thanks dear and i also visited you back and did my part, too :)

@ishmael: haha :)) i saw it nga..well, sayang naman..pero ok lang mukang marami ka namang sideline, ee ^_^ thanks for dropping by, anyway :)

redamethyst: thanks!

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