Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beautifully-designed yet Affordable Medical Scrubs

A nursing uniforms or what we call “medical scrub” is the clothes worn by nurses for their identification and hygienic purposes. It is traditionally consists of a white dress, an apron and a cap. But as years passed, this traditional-style uniform emerged into a modern style. It now comes with different forms and colors and some even have prints/designs on it. But despite of this transition, its basic style remained identifiable.

If you’re a medical professional such as nurse, doctor or anything the like, of course you would want to look neat and respectable as well as comfortable in your medical scrub. So first thing you would look for is 100 cotton scrubs, all cotton scrubs. Because as we all know, any clothes/fabrics that are made out of cotton are hypoallergenic and allow better air circulation.

In buying a medical scrub, you should not only consider its style/design but also its price, as well; especially if you’re just starting your medical job. You could look in the net or in any medical scrub boutiques which offers cheap scrub sets, cheap scrubs set. There are actually a lot of medical scrub boutique/stores that offers a high quality and beautifully designed medical scrub in very affordable prices. One of it is Blue Sky Scrubs.


RicAdeMus said...

I've given up nurses in red high heels for Lent.

Shucks, now I'm going to have to say 10 Hail Mary's, 5 Our Father's and an Act of Contrition. =)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

This is my first opportunity from Blogsvertise.

Simple Things in Mind said...

@RicAdemus: hehe :D thanks for being here :)

genny said...

thanks for dropping by at my blod. happy weekend!:-)

Medical Scrubs And Uniforms said...

I love that nurse in white uniform with red heels. She is looking stylish yet gorgeous. Thanks ur_gurLNxtdOor for posting. Looking forward to your next posts.

Simple Things in Mind said...

@Medical Scrubs And Uniforms: yeah, she looks gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by ;) and keep visiting :)

Adam said...

Thanks intresting scrap..
medical scrubs and uniforms

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