Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25th celebrates The Feast of the Annunciation and The International Day of the Unborn Child

March 25th is the celebration in commemorating the “Feast of the Annunciation”. Annunciation means “announcing” and that is why this date was named “Feast of the Annunciation”. This is because, this is the date when our Virgin Mama Mary was visited by Archangel Gabriel to inform her that she would conceive the son of God — Jesus. This is 9-months prior to Christmas — the birthday of Jesus.

Our Mama Mary was first confused on how she will conceive a child when in fact she is still a virgin. Then Angel Gabriel explained to her the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon her. That is why, if you noticed in the “Apostle’s Creed’s Prayer”, it is been said that:

“Jesus Christ, HIS only begotten Son, our Lord was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit; born of the Virgin Mary.”

According to Catholic, this festival celebrates two things: God’s action in entering human world as Jesus in order to save us; and Humanity’s willing acceptance of God’s action in Mary’s freely given acceptance of the task of being Mother of God.

Here in the Philippines, knowing that most of the citizens are Catholics, we similarly celebrate the “International Day of the Unborn Child”.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I celebrated this feast by joining the Prayer Rally at Quirino Grandstand last March 25. We stood up for life and denounced the anti-life movement in our country.

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