Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Have you heard of a “cheesy pick-up lines”? Did someone ever tell you one? If you answered “NO” to both questions, then this is the time in which you will read some of the famous cheesy pick-up lines. Since February is a “LOVE month” I decided to feature in my blog some of those cheesy pick-up lines I have heard in radio stations or from a friend and even those that have been used by my boyfriend to me. Hehehe!!!

Do you know what a “cheesy pick-up lines” are? Well, these are words or sentences used by men to start a conversation with the ladies they have met and are attracted to. It’s like their way of wooing the lady. These words usually come in a form of compliments.

Not all people appreciate it though. Others find it “corny” but for me, I find it sweet. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic-type … And so is my boyfriend (I think) because he tells me cheesy pick-up lines. Thus, it only means “were both matched” … lol *_*

Well anyway, here are some famous cheesy pick-up lines I’ve heard. Enjoy!

  • Boy: You’re like a dandruff
     Girl: Why?
     Boy: Because I can’t get you out of my head

  • Boy: Am I a bad shooter?
     Girl: Why?
     Boy: ’Coz I keep on missing you

  • Boy: Are you tired?
     Girl: Why?
     Boy: Because you’ve been on my mind running thousand and thousand of miles

  • Boy: Can someone call a police?
     Girl: Why?
     Boy: Because you just stole my heart

  • Boy: Excuse me, are you a dictionary?
     Girl: Why?
     Boy: Because you give meaning to my life

  • I’m a BEE … Can you be my HONEY?

  • I forgot your name … Can I call you mine?

  • I lost my numbers … Can I have yours?


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