Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Gift from my Cupid

So, this is the time of the year where people everywhere tends to be so mushy and gushy. This is when you see lots of heart-shaped balloons or chocolates being sold everywhere and almost all ladies you see on the street are with bouquet of flowers in their hands. 'Tis is when some men do their wedding proposal for their beloved fiancĂ©e and some even actually held their weddings on this “Heart’s Day”. Moreover, this is when “cheesy pick-up lines” are mostly being used as topic in radio/tv programs and even in Valentine's Event in the office.

 Since, this year's Valentine’s Day fell on Tuesday which means workday I didn’t get to have a date with my boyfriend because of our different schedules at work. Thus, we decided to just celebrate the “Heart’s Day” in advance. We have celebrated it last Sunday where we went to church to hear mass (as what we always do every Sunday) and spend a lovely dinner together.

And of course, he never forgets to give me simple present which I truly appreciated. A cute heart-shaped chocolates.

Lots of L-O-V-E from my akachan *wink*
To all the lovers out there, enjoy the date and stay happily in love always *wink wink* But for those who haven't found their special someone yet, “don’t rush and just celebrate life!”. You don't even have to wait because “L-O-V-E often comes UNEXPECTEDLY”. And if you feel you’ve been LOVELESS for a longtime then just think that “God might been so busy creating the BEST love story for you”. So, for now enjoy and treasure the time where you can still spend your valentines with your family and friends because the moment you find your special someone it will be rarely for you to spend the V-day with them, unless he/she is willing to spend it with them.


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