Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Limited Edition 2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner

Every Christmas season, all Starbucks lovers or Starbucks addicts (just like me) are all excited to its annual Christmas promo which is their Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee Planner. ^_^

Just like the yearly routine, the promo is open from the 4th of November till the 6th of January. And as the usual mechanics of the promo, the customers just have to complete all the stickers in the Starbucks Christmas Tradition Promo Card to be able to redeem the Limited Edition 2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner.

The stickers are of course being awarded by purchasing Starbucks beverages --- one sticker per beverage. Customer should accumulate a total of 17 stickers (combination of their Holiday featured beverages plus their regular beverages).

This year’s coffee planner comes in 3 beautiful designs showing the 3 unique stages of coffee — from the coffee bean, to its roasting process and lastly, the final coffee product (the espresso) itself.

Mine by the way, is the final product — the drink itself (espresso) ^_^ I like its design and plus the coffee bean bookmark is so cutie. *_* I really am so liking it to the max!

Inside the planner, you can see that they feature a classic yet beautiful and very consistent look. It contains the story of the very first Starbucks branch here in the Philippines which opened 12 years ago…whoa! I was only 14 then (hehehe)

And oh, at the back of it is a small holder with 6 Starbucks coupons. Yey! It has finally returned. ^_^ The coupons can be use depending on the date of its validity which you can see at the back of every coupon.

The claiming of the coffee planner is from 4th of November, 2009 till the 6th of March, 2010. And per redemption of the planner, the proceeds are given to the victim of typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana, as the international name) and to SparkHope (the Starbucks flagship program with UNICEF).

And oh, I heard that the Starbucks extended its promo till the 15th of this month. So for those who weren’t able to complete the stickers yet, then what are you waiting for? GO now to Starbucks nearest you and complete the stickers. You may not want to miss the planner.


svetlana said...

ayan you just broadcasted to the whole world how old are're so old na..and you're sooo addict...addict not just in coffe i might say...but to everything...:D

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@svetlana: hehe..ssshhh..binubuking mo naman ako, ee...brinoadcast ko na nga..inulit you pa...hehe :))

Well, anyways, I'm just PROUD of my planner that i want to share it to others even if it will somehow make me look sooooo COFFEEholic and Starbucks addict...hehe :)) well, grabe akalain mo yan matanda na din ako...higit lalo IKAW...haha :))

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