Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hip-Hop Grannies in Beijing, China

As I went home from work early morning of this week, I was so amazed to see in Unang Hirit the so-called “Granny Hip-Hop Instructor” in Beijing China. To my amazement to the so-called “Hip-Hop Granny”, I decided to search it on the web and post it here in my blog. Hope you guys will be amazed, too. ^_^

Hip-Hop dance is a social or choreographed dance style primarily danced to a Hip-Hop music (a rhythmic, dynamic and usually fast type of music), which is commonly popular to teenagers. But who could have thought that this special form of dancing can also become a trend amongst senior citizens in Beijing China where a “Hip-Hop Grannies” were formed.

“Hip-Hop Grannies” is an all female dance troupe consisting of 5 senior citizens or what you called “grannies”. It was formed way back February of 2004 by Wu Ying, a 70-year old Hip-Hop instructor in Beijing which is also known as “China’s Pre-eminent Hip-Hop Granny”. \m/(^_^)\m/

Wu Ying says…

“I started learning Hip-Hop back in 2004. When I watched TV I saw young people were dancing to Hip-Hop. At the time I did not know what kind of dance it was, because we had never seen something like that before. The young people had cool hair and wore funky clothes. At that moment I became really interested.”

Inside an ordinary gymnasium, Wu leads a dozen of female dancers to a Hip-Hop beat. With her young looks and elastic body, no one can actually tell that she’s already 70.

At the time the troupe’s average age was 60, it didn’t stop them from making their debut at the Beijing qualifier for the National Hip-Hop Dancing Competition and winning 3rd place.

Since then, the Hip-Hop Grannies gathered so many members. Over the years, they’ve already attracted 1,000 different women to join them and among them is the 74-year old who just began learning and considered to be the eldest amongst all members.

It is just so amazing and definitely inspiring to see such elderly people still making/finding ways not just to be physically fit and healthy but also to “BE HAPPY”.

So, for me “YOU HIP-HOP GRANNIES ROCK!!!” \m/(^_^)\m/


svetlana said...

wow..i hope i can dance too lolzz...:D

ur_gurLNxtdOo said...

well YES u can...actually 1 time I saw you's with a stripper's pole..LOlz :))

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