Friday, February 19, 2010

My 1st ever CREDIT CARD

Whoa! I finally got my 1st ever credit card — Landmark-Anson’s Credit Card. It was delivered to me in the office just this morning, before I had my second break at work.
I’m not really into credit card. Coz I’m afraid that it might drown me in too many debts — too many that I might find difficulty to settle it up.

Actually, the only reason I applied for it is because I’ll be needing it in signing-up for a PayPal account.
For me, Credit Card is like a “temptation”. Coz it tempts someone (the cardholder) to spend and spend and spend as much and as many as he/she can every time he/she see “something” beautiful and attractive in a mall, even if that “something” is not really a necessity. And if the cardholder is not a “wise spender” and doesn’t pay his/her debt on time, hmn … he/she will be having a “ONE BIG HELL OF A PROBLEM”. Tsk tsk tsk

But having a credit card doesn’t only have “disadvantages” … somehow, it also have its “advantages”. ONE MAIN ADVANTAGE of it is that, it still allow someone to purchase and get what he/she wants or needs on time, even if he/she doesn’t have enough money yet. :)

I know “Spending is SOOO EASY, but PAYING is soooo HARD”. So, my only advice to my fellow cardholders is to “SPEND WISELY”, so you guys won’t be like Rebecca Bloomwood in the “Confessions of Shopaholic” movie, who was drowned in the sea of debts because of being so SHOPAHOLIC or shopping addict! Hehe :))


fjordz said...

wow! congratulations! at least, you have a credit card now. Actually, I don't have a credit card yet but I was able to withdraw my funds from PayPal. I was told that I could get a Unionbank EON card which can be used as a substitute to a credit card.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@fjordz: gee thanks :) actually i dind't know that you can still withdraw funds from paypal even if you don't have credit card. I thought credit card is like the main requirement in signing up to paypal...tsk tsk...if i only knew earlier then i shouldn't have applied for a credit card...coz honestly, i'm scared of owning one..coz it might tempt me to spend and spend and a never ending spend...hehe :))

thanks for visiting my site :) really appreciated it

Kulangot sa Pader said...

Waah.. Do you really need to use PayPal? There are many other alternatives aside from Paypal. Paypal is always full of scammers so beware.
Iv'e been using Xoom. With my experience with Xoom its really great. You don't need Credit cards for money transfer. You could even get your money thru Western Union. It's just a little too expensive than the others bcoz' of its higher rate. But I should say much secured than having your credit card no. displayed online... What do you think?

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@kulangot sa pader: nice name, panget, ah..hehe :)) anyways, it's the only thing i know..i haven't heard that "Xoom" yet, just now actually..well, i'll try to signUP for that...thanks for the info panget and thanks for the visit ^_^

be bless and be safe always...

eliana said...

congratz, friend..
i also want it..

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@eliana: thanks..well, try applying for a credit card if you also want it :)

anyways, thanks for visiting my blog, eliana..really appreciated it :)

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