Monday, February 1, 2010

Legion (2010)

LEGION” is a 2010 American apocalyptic-thriller movie by Scott Stewart and scripted by Peter Schink.

After seeing the trailer of “LEGION” last week, my akachan (bf) and I got so curious about the movie and decided to actually watched it in the big screen today.

For the 1st scene of the movie, when Angel Michael (played by Paul Bettany) falls to earth in LA and cut off his wings and took a lot of weapons with him, our reaction was “Whoa! Astig!” It was just a little “eeeww” for me, when Angel Michael was stitching the wound at his back caused by his cutting of his own wings.

We got a little bored, with the succeeding scenes at the diner — with its dialogues, its scenes, etc. and we were like, “What with all those talks**t!” But as the movie went on, we learned that it actually has a significance in the movie. I was startled with the granny Gladys (played by Jeanette Miller) when Howard Anderson (played by Jon Tenney) walks up to her to demand an apology for insulting his wife, Sandra Anderson (played by Kate Walsh) and then she suddenly change into a somewhat monsterlike/demonlike/zombielike or (whatever the heck you may call it) and attack Howard and bite a hole in his throat. Afterwards, the granny crawled up the wall to the ceiling like a spider.

Granny Gladys and Howard

We like the fighting scenes of Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel (played by Kevin Durand). For us, it was impressive and also the scene where the ice-cream vendor’s limbs extend to turn him into a grotesque-looking monster.

Fighting scene of two Angels — Gabriel and Michael

The ice-cream vendor who turned into a grotesque-looking creature


It’s the end of the world again and the LORD has decided that mankind is a failed experiment. After HE loses faith in us (humankind), he ordered a swarm of destruction to wipe out the Earth with a special attention placed on the unborn child of a truck stop waitress named Charlie (played by Adrianne Palicki).

Angel Michael

Lucky for us humans, because one angel named Angel Michael, a rogue angel, decides not to follow orders and believes that humans are still worthy of HIS love. So, he went down to earth and holes up in a desolate diner called “Paradise Falls”. He armed the locals at the diner (played by Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton and Lucas Black) and a passer-by (played by Tyrese Gibson) in order to help him protect the Charlie and her baby. Fearing for the arrival of Angel Michael’s rival — Angel Gabriel, he pushes Charlie into labor, hoping that her baby will be the key to stop the obliteration of humanity.


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