Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day with my family

Most people think that the Valentine’s Day is merely just for lovers out there … but they’re definitely wrong with it. Because the “V-Day” is not just for one’s love partner (such as BF/GF/Hubby/Wife) but also for loved-ones — friends, brothers, sisters, granny, parents — in short, FAMILY.

This year, I welcome the “Hearts Day” with my akachan (bf) and his family. Because I was in their house in the afternoon of February 13th till the morning of the 14th. I was there coz I was helping him promoting his blog which is an official entry for the Palarong SEO Contest “Sikat ang Pinoy”. We were waiting for the final result of the contest coz it supposed to end when the clock hits 12 midnight of that very day — the “V-Day” but we didn’t know that it was moved by the administrator of the game till 12 o’clock noon. But it’s alright coz at least I was able to actually welcome the “V-Day” with him and his family :)

This is actually the 1st time after our 3 years and 7 months together and hope won’t be the last. Usually, we celebrate the “V-Day” a day after … sometimes a day before — depending on what day it will fall. Coz we both have work and don’t meet each other’s schedule most of the time. Besides, we just don’t really celebrate it on the exact day — not because we find it “CORNY”, “CHEESY” and the like — it just that we don’t wanna join the crowd. Hehe :)
Besides, for us it’s always “Valentines” — I mean, “Everyday is special for us” — even if we don’t get to see each other every day because of different schedules at work, still we see to it that “Everyday is SPECIAL” … we express our LOVE for each other even to simple things like thru text, chat, phone calls and the like.
I went home almost 4 in the morning which made me woke up late. But as I woke up, I greeted my beloved parents, hug them and kiss them, and asked them out on a date :)

We went to the mall near us and we had snack together and watched movie. Before entering the cinema, we decided to actually have a picture together. Which makes me soooo happpyy :) Coz I missed doing this kind of stuff with them — I miss hanging out with them, going to mall, eating out and watching movies with them.

Then after my date with my parents, my akachan and I met at MRT Shaw Blvd. Station and we head on to church — to thank HIM for all the blessings he have given to us and our family and for guiding our relationship, helping it grew more stronger each day and lastly for helping him WIN the Palarong SEO Contest that he had join. Yey! We’re really both happy to the max :)
For quite a long time, only now that I was able to watch movie with my parents again. I really am so happy and I could say that “this year is the HAPPIEST V-Day I have in my life”. Because I was not only able to celebrate it with my boyfriend and his family but also with my own family, as well. Hoping to experience more of this. :)


jenskie said...

Congrats to tropang pogi for winning Sikat ang Pinoy! manlilibre b cla, hehe kala mo kilala ako no? neways and honestly, i felt i little bit of envy when i saw your family photo. i always think of my family--***teardrop on my keyboard*** and i am wanting to do some quality time w/ them. hoping to visit home soon...

btw, have a alovely day always :)

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@jenskie: hi jen :) in behalf of akachan (leo) and his group..THANKS :)

anyways, don't get envious with my family pic :) you can do the same...hmn..why don't u try filing VL this coming summer? u can visit your family in bicol :) hmn..can i come?..hehe :)) *joke*

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, finally got to see ur blog site.. Hmnn. well I never thought that u had this "writer spirit" in you back in college. Its a revelation. Hooray! I must say ur blog really speaks ur heart and mind out. Its like being w/ u in person, doing endless chats and resounding laughter. Keep it up! but... make sure to have enough sleep too... hehehe Dhang here

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@dhang: thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment..hehe :)) akong ako ba?..mapa-in-person and mapa-blog..madaldal pa din..hehe :)

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