Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Payment from VIPClix

Lately, I’ve been so hook with PTCs (paid-to-click) sites … Actually, I have tons of PTC accounts and that was the reason why I’ve been MIA (“Missing In Action”) in my blog.

I got a lot of “INSTANT SUREPAYER” and I’ve proven it myself. Because I was able to cashout on those sites. One of these is: the VIPClix.

The minimum cashout for this, is only $2. So, once you reach that minimum cashout, you can request your payment and they will send it to your Paypal Account instantly.

My first cashout was $2.02. I’m only a standard member there … meaning I’m just a free member and I didn’t avail of their premium membership (didn’t upgrade my account). Reason? Simply because I don’t wanna spend even a single amount… lol! =))

Their upgrade membership fee is $8 and that’s just good for 7 days trial only. So, that’s a lot already and my earnings from all my PTC accounts are just $13.27.

The mechanics for this PTC account is just so simple. Just like other PTC sites, you just have to CLICK “VIEW ADS” then it will bring you to the “View Advertisements section”. Then, all you have to do there is to click on their featured advertisements one at a time. Then it will bring you to either a New Tab/New Window.

You just have to wait for 15 seconds then afterwards, you just have to click on the Same Number that will appear on the left side. Once you click the right number/image … A confirmation will show, stating “Your account has been credited. You may now close this window”. So simple, isn’t it? :D

You can request your cashout when you reach their required minimum payout. The required minimum payouts are listed below:

  • For 1st Payout — $2
  • For 2nd Payout — $4
  • For 3rd Payout — $6
  • For 4th and Beyond Payout — $8

Don’t have a VIPClix account yet? Then whatcha waitin’ for?! SIGN UP now :D


Smart Parenting said...

This is good news. I will signing up under your referral link. Thanks!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Smart Parenting: Thanks in advance >:D<

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