Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Dress -- Simple yet Oh sooo CUTIE!

It’s Saturday. I supposed to have a work but due to my tardiness last month, I’m on suspension today. Got so bored in the house and decided to go just go to the mall near our place, which is Market-Market in Taguig.

Then I remember, it will be my cousin’s baptismal tomorrow. I was thinking of what to wear for tomorrow. Then I suddenly decided to just enter the department store of that mall and there I saw a simple yet cutie dress.

I grab the dress and also 2 blazers that I’m going to partner for the dress and a step-in. I went to the fitting room and tried it on and whoa! The dress really fits me well ^_^ So decided to took a picture of myself wearing the dress when i was still inside the fitting room … hehe ;)) Then afterwards, went straight to the counter and bought it. ^_^


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said... sad. I remember my brother who will likewise be suspended because of his tardiness.

Nice dress ah. ^_^ Really look good on you.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@ishmael: hai..tsk tsk..may suspension din pala brother mo.. :( a day without pay..laking bagay din ang mawawala :( sayang!

anyways, thanks for the compliment and thanks for visiting me ^_^

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