Friday, July 30, 2010

Payday Gimik with Jen

It’s payday today … woot woot ^_^! And also the last day of my 1st shift at work. Next week will be the start of our rotation and I’ll be on a 2nd shift which is 2p.m. to 10p.m. And I just so hate that shift! Because of the heat! It just so damn hot going to work in that hour … *sigh*

Well anyways, since it’s payday, Jen (a friend and an officemate of mine) decided to treat ourselves for some snack although we usually eat out after work even if it isn’t payday yet. Hehe! Just to have some bonding together ^_^

We went to Landmark and she bought a new coffee mug. Then after that we had late lunch at the food court of the said mall.

Then as we were walking heading to Ayala to ride a bus going home, we decided to dropped by at The White Hat in Glorietta and have a dessert there.

We both ordered for the big size yogurt. I ordered for extra walnut toppings while she ordered for an extra graham crumbs. Nom nom nom … yummy!


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