Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Adidas Shoes

Today is a holiday — end of Ramadan. But I still have work. Because we’re backlog at work — too many workload that needed to be ship by the second week of this month.

So, even if I don’t wanna go to work today … I just can’t. Well, luckily because it’s a double pay … hehe :))

I’m on graveyard/night shift for this whole month. So, my schedule at work is from 10pm till 6am of the following day. And since, I’m on GY, my akachan fetched me in the house around 11:30 am today. Then he brought cookies and First Vita Plus juice for our business. Because mama, will sell those stuffs here in our convenient store and papa will sell some cookies in their office ^_^

I had lunch at akachan’s place. Afterwards, we (akachan, his parents and I) went to First Vita Plus orientation. Because he wants me to know more about the details of the business — particularly with the product and on how am I going to earn with it.

The orientation took about more than an hour. And I could say that it’s quite a great business and really a great product, as well :)

After the orientation, akachan and I went to SM Megamall to have his SUN postpaid line cut and then to go to “2nd Adidas-Nike Clearance Sale” in SM Megatrade Hall.

Inside the SM Megatrade Hall, there were lots of people buying and looking for stuffs to buy. I was looking for my favorite Purple-colored Adidas jacket and hoping it’ll be included in the sale. But it wasn’t. So, I just roam inside to look for other stuff that I’m going to buy when I saw a kinda “rare’ Star Wars Black Jacket with hood.

I tried the jacket on me and to my disappointment, it doesn’t fit me. It was just a medium size yet it’s too big for me … I guess it’s a bigger medium size. :(

So, I look for a smaller one but found none. And the sales lady told me that that jacket is “ALL OUT” :( How sad! So, I told my bf to try the jacket and whoa! It fits him just enough. ^_^ So, since he’s a Star Wars fanatic, he bought the jacket while I bought a shoes, instead.

Here’s the picture of my shoes that I bought … will post it here next time the picture of the Adidas Star Wars jacket that my akachan bought during its sale. ^_^


airamara said...

ang yaman tlga ni ruby...did my part, you know what i mean hahaha...

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@ara: thanks..will visit you in just a while ^_^ anyways, di naman ako mayaman..maganda! ;))

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