Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Payment from Clicksia

Ever since I got paid from my previous Neobux account, I’ve been so addicted in this easy earn money online called “PTC (paid-to-click)”. Just sad though coz my neobux account which paid me $2 was suspended a week after I had my cashout. Reason was due to what they say “MULTIPLE USER/MULTIPLE IP”.

As of now, I already got lots of PROVEN SUREPAYER PTCs but I was only able to make a payment proof from 2 of those proven surepayer PTCs that I have — from Paid to Click and VIPClix.

Wasn’t able to make payment proof from the rest of my PTC accounts aside from the 2 that I’ve mentioned above. Well, I’m planning to make a payment proof of all my PTCs that really paid me and will post it all here in my blog just like this one! :)

Tonight, when I checked on my yahoo mail, I saw the message from Clicksia stating that my payments have been sent to my Paypal account. And so, I immediately checked on my paypal and really saw it there … woohoo! \m/(^_^)\m/

So, now I can add this up to my list of my PROVEN SUREPAYER PTCs which I all saved in my excel file. Then I’m gonna make an UPDATED article for it
Here’s by the way the screenshot of my payment from Clicksia :)

So, if you guys wanna earn $$$ too just by simply clicking an ads … then just simply SIGN UP HERE


RiA GeSiLvA said...

Wow congrats girl! I missed visiting here. I thought you were not going to be back again :( Glad you are here again. :D I think I haven't joined that PTC site. I will join under you :D By the way, OnBux is a really good PTC site too. I have my site for PTCs you might want to check it out. Or link exchange with me. :D This is the site: Paid-to-Click-sites

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Sis my account na pala ko dyan sa clicksia. D ko lang natuloy pag click dati. hehe. VIPclix na lang ako join :p

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Ria: hi sis..thanks for the visit..i miss reading your comments here :)

anyways, i already have an onbux acct..medyo di pa nga lang ako for cashout..hehe :)) unting click pa..hehe ^_^ well, ok i'll visit your paid-to-click sites and thanks in advance for signing up at VIPclix under my referral :-* have a nice day dear

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow. Buti ka pa. Nag-try ako ng PTC dati. Nag-apply nga ako sa mga PTC na nakalista sa blog mo eh. Pero tinamad lang ako mag-click. Kaya yun, hindi ko na natuloy.

JENIE=) said...

nice to have you back as well! you've been gone a long me hehe.

really, ive been hearing a lot about clickasia, glad its working out for you. hope u visit back soon

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@ishi: Hehe! OO nakita ko nga yung name mo sa isa sa mga referrals ko..just can't remember kung sang PTC account ko dami ko ba namang PTCs, ee..hehe :P Sayang di mo natuloy pero ok lang..madami ka namang sideline at mga source of income, ee..hehe :P

@Jenie: Thanks for visiting..Clicksia is really a good site. Because they really do pay their members ^_^ See you later in your site :)

JENIE=) said...

yeah, it was a long time dear. Thanks for coming by. And it has been just yesterday that I was able to do rounds. missed it here.

keep visiting!

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