Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reminiscing a Very Unique Black Cemetery Wedding of Jay and Sarah Abad-Contreras

As the month of June is fast approaching, this means that there are probably lots of upcoming weddings too. This is because, this month is said to be traditionally the “wedding month”. But there are also some who says that more numbers of wedding events are being held in December

If I were to get married, I would love it to be on June; because June is my bf and I’s anniversary month. So, we both want our wedding to happen on our special day — our anniversary. We actually planned to tie the knot on June 28th, as it is the exact date of our anniversary. But that’s still too soon to come; we still have to really prepare for it more, especially on financial matters…hehe :))

But anyways, since I’ve already mentioned about “wedding”, then let’s talk about the unique and one of the most-talk-about Filipino celebrity wedding of 2009. It’s none other than the “Black Cemetery Wedding of Jay Contreras and Sarah Abad” that happened on February 12th.

Jay Contreras is the singer of the Kamikazee band (which is a Filipino rock band), while Sarah Abad was a former child actress in the local industry and the younger sister of Kaye Abad, one of the original cast of “Ang TV” (a television program in ABS-CBN).

Their wedding looks kinda creepy but is really freaking unique at the same time. Creepy because of the color motif of “Black” and due to its pre-nuptial photos, which were taken in a cemetery in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Knowing that Jay Contreras is a rock singer, that’s why I no longer wonder on why they came up with this kind of theme. The wedding guests and sponsors are dressed in black even the groom; only the bride was dressed in white but still with a touch of black in her wedding dress. The wedding reception has also a Goth-like theme — black, white and red and the wedding ceremony itself was held in Paco Cemetery.

Lots of people including their friends in the industry were shocked about the motif of the wedding. There were some who appreciates it and some who aren’t, because traditionally wedding gowns should be in “white” as a means of “purity and holiness”. As for me, I wanted to walk on the aisle with a white wedding gown, too! But I can’t help not to be amazed with Jay and Sarah Abad-Contreras’ wedding. It’s so unique — it so “them” … a really reflection of themselves.


carinamodella said...

very unique nga...he's a rocker and maybe that's the reason why they choose black.

RicAdeMus said...

I'm a big fan of having just one anniversary--because I have too many. Met in October, started dating in December, got married in May (5 years later). It's too much..but I remember better than my wife does.

Simple Things in Mind said...

@carinamodella: agree! that's probably the reason on why they came up with this kind of wedding theme..coz usually rockers like stuffs that are sort of weird/goth-like/morbid type that reflects their personality. Thanks for being here in my site :)

@RicAdeMus: Well, that's good for you! Coz it means that your memory is still sharp! Coz mine is not that sharp anymore..I remember there were these 2 monthsaries that I forgot..If my bf didn't greet me, I would never really remember that it was actually our monthsary. Good thing, coz he didn't get angry..hehe :)) Keep on visiting here. Thanks and Have a great day!

scarlet's walk said...

i love the concept! who knew weddings & cemetery can be thrown in a sentence together and still be romantic!

Simple Things in Mind said...

@Scarlet's walk: I like their concept's soooo astig! thanks for being here :)

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