Thursday, May 20, 2010

2010 Local Election Winners in Makati

Been almost two weeks that I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) here in my blog. Well, that’s because I got sooooo damn busy with so many things — work, Quezon Province vacay and maintaining my PTC SIDELINEs and more workkkkkkkk! *deep.sigh*. Luckily coz I find time to update my blog today. Yey! ^_^

Well, anyways just to update ’bout last election, here are the winners in local election in our place in Makati City.

As expected the “BINAY” clan still reigns in our place — Both the son and the daughter of now leading Vice Presidentiable Jejomar Binay won! — a TRUE EXAMPLE of “POLITICAL DYNASTY” … wahaha =)) Hmn … why don’t they just give others a chance? Is it because they think “THEY REALLY OWN the City of Makati and all its residents”? Or is’t because “they just DON’T want to lose the power and the money they’re getting?” (Just a thought though … wahaha!)

To be honest, I didn’t really vote for his son Erwin “Jun-jun” Binay because of some reasons such as: first, I never really know him that much (haha!). Because he’s from District 1 and I’m from District 2. Another reason is because; I wanted to at least have a NEW leader that will manage our city. Coz it’s like “nakakasawa na” (sick and tired) of having the same leader since I grew up in here in this place.

And actually, I didn’t even vote for his dad, too (the elder Binay). Reason is just simple: “I just don’t find him ‘A man with HONOR’.” I say this because, way back a year or so (I guess), former-mayor Jojo Binay already announced that his then Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado will be his mayoral candidate for this year’s election. He even asked us — his constituents (residents of Makati), to support Mercado for mayoral position. And yet, he didn’t keep his words and let his son run for mayoral position instead — and that’s just because his wife “former mayor Elenita Binay” say so! I’m not really that 100% sure that just because his wife told him so, that’s why he didn’t keep his words. But if it’s really true then, well…

But in fairness to the “BINAY” clan, I salute them for making our city the “BUSINESS CAPITAL” of our country. And I must say that all opportunities and most of the known/big companies are indeed here in Makati.

And also, I salute them for providing primary necessities of students in public schools. Such as providing school supplies (notebooks, pad papers, ballpen, pencil, bag), fabric (“tela”) for the student’ uniform. Also for providing low and discounted fee in Makati University especially if the student is resident of the city.

But regarding to what the elder Binay said during the vice presidentiable debates in La Consolacion that has been aired in ABS-CBN about having 1:1 ratio of computer per students in school … well, honestly that’s just not the case. It might perhaps in private schools but in public, IT ISN’T. I did graduated elementary and secondary year in a public school in our city and I MUST SAY that there were not enough supplies of computers for the students.

When my 2 cousins (on my mother’s side) were still living with us, we send them to public school as well. And they didn’t really experience the so-called “1:1 ratio of computer per student”. In fact, their teachers just scheduled their class on who will use the computer during the computer class and on when. I don’t know if the “1:1” ratio is already applicable in high school. Because during my high school days, it wasn’t the case “YET”. With regards to college students in Makati, I just couldn’t say if they already experienced that so-called ratio because I already studied and graduated in a private school in other city. (hehe!)

And I also have some observation regarding the give away cakes for seniors during their birthdays. I think the one/person assigned for that task got a lot of kickback (haha!) Because I heard, the budget for the cake is P2,000.00 and yet when you see the cake … *sigh* it isn’t branded, it’s like a cake bought from a bakery … wahaha! And the flavor was just “MOCHA” not even “CHOCOLATE”. I say this because, I was able to have a taste of it during nai (my lola ina)’s bday.

Well, anyways, enough of this. I don’t really have any untoward things/bitterness for the Binay clan, I am just stating my observation. So, “no offense to the Binay clan and all its avid supporters” — I don’t intend to provoke war with you guys (hehe!) As what I’ve said, “I’m only stating what I’ve observed or my opinion.” After all, we’re in a democratic country — “we’re entitled for each other’s opinion and we’re “FREE TO SPEAK WHAT’S ON OUR MIIND”.

So, below are the lists of the winners in our district (Makati City, District II) in the previous election: (I’m glad that some of the candidates that I voted won! Congrats to Sir Buddy and to our former Barangay Captain Magpantay!) ^_^

  • Mayor: Erwin “Jun-jun” Binay
  • Vice Mayor: Romulo Peña
  • Congresswoman: Abigail Binay
  • City Councilors:
    • Vincent Sese
    • King Yabut
    • Nelson Pacia
    • Salvador “Buddy” Pangilinan
    • Leonardo “Leo” Magpantay
    • Ma. Theresa De Lara
    • Mary Ruth Tolentino
    • Henry Jacome

I just observed though, that for the Vice Mayoral and City Councilor positions, all of them are under the ticket of former vice mayor Ernesto Mercado. Well, except for Nelson Pacia (who I think is under the ticket of Mayor Jun-jun Binay, if I’m not mistaken.)


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Yeah, big winner ang Binay Clan. Vice si Daddy tapos Mayor naman si anak sa isa sa pinaka mayamang city dito sa Pinas.

I guess kaya nanalo pa rin sila ay approve pa rin sa maraming taga Makati ang ginagawa nila. Maganda nga lang sana kung yung dating vice mayor yung nakaupo para hindi naman magmukhang political dynast ang mga Binay.

Pero, epekto na rin kasi ito ng pagiging personality driven ng Philippine politics.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Ishamel: hehe :D BIG WINNER talaga! kaya heto DYNASTY ulit..hehe :D

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