Saturday, May 8, 2010

Philippine 2010 Election -- VOTE WISELY!

Two more days to go and it will be the 2010 Election here in the Philippines (both for National and Local).

With the current standing of our country and with all the things that we had encountered — both in the past and in the present … I hope that everyone will be wiser now, in choosing the “BEST” candidate to elect in a certain position especially to the highest position of all — the “PRESIDENTIAL” position.

Let us all not be naïve anymore. Because “SURELY” all candidates will uplift themselves and will “GIVES US PROMISES” of what they so-called “PLAN/AIM” to do for our country and for “US” (the citizens of our country) … and yet, when they already got elected and got the position they desired, little by little they forget “ALL WHAT THEY HAVE PROMISED TO US DURING THEIR CAMPAIGNS”, which seems as if “THEY SUDDENLY GOT AN AMNESIA!” wahaha =))

And not only that, “SOME f*****G GREEDY candidates” even do “VOTE BUYING”, just in order for them “NOT TO LOSE” the titles or “POLITICAL DYNASTY” that they’re experiencing. They don’t really care for us and to our country, they only want to make themselves wealthier by of course, “CORRUPTING” funds that are supposed for the “US” — the citizens. It really sad though, but it’s the reality! :(

So, on May 10th Let us NOT BE DOMINATED by others on WHO TO VOTE. Because there are religious groups who of course, mandate their followers to “ALL” vote for a certain candidates which is their “LEADER’s CHOICE!”… Just REMEMBER that “WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE”. =)

And if you’ve been given money (thru VOTE BUYING), well, just ACCEPT the money but STILL VOTE for the person that “YOU THINK DESERVES TO BE ELECTED” — in short, “LET US ALL VOTE WISELY” and hopefully … “PEACEFULLY”. =)

For list of presidentiable candidates and their “BIO”, click here.


iamcelgacusan said...

I love this blog of urS! yap i think evry0ne n0w is m0re wiser in ch0osing his/her candidates

I was too, paid by a certain cndidate but my vote goes t0 0ne wh0 realy is dserving nterms 0f public service and gud g0vernance.

I hope 2 pc0s machnes wil b 0k thr0ugh0ut the electi0n...

melody said...

election day na ngayon... i'm neutral!!
pls visit our blog

Jose said...

I dont need BIO, I just can see the sinceirity of their words..LOLS!

Wla kang chatbox di2? ^^

Dropped..Vote wisely..Just done voting! God Bless us all!

i@иn℮™ said...

im feeling so right to vote for the national elections. it's my first. so i am hoping for a favorable result.

teddytrump said...

Good luck in the election :)

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@iamcelgacusan: thanks for liking this article tita cel ^_^ ..well, I DO HOPE that only the deserving candidate will win :)

@melody: ok i'll visit it later (as i always do) ^_^

@jose: sorry i don't have chatbox here..and don't plan to have one...di bagay sa template ng blog ko, ee..hehe :D i'll visit your site later. thanks for dropping by ^_^

@i@иn℮™: wow first time..excited kaw for sure :D ganun din ako nun first time ko, ee..hehe =)

@teddytrump: thanks :D

Eric : KayaMoPinoy said...

I voted for Mr. Wisely ;)

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Eric: KayaMoPinoy: hehe! Nice =))

anyways, sorry for suppppeeer delayed response...I was only able to check my account now.

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