Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather Won Over Mosley

Finally, I’m back! It’s been almost a week that I haven’t really checked on my blog &meaning: my blog is already about a week out-dated … wahaha!

So, since now that I’m back (glad to be back … hahaha), I’ll be featuring here the fight of Mosley vs. Mayweather that had just finished today. Actually, I wasn’t able to watch the fight right from the start. Because I woke up late (as usual! Wahaha!!!)

When I woke up, I saw my father watching Mosley vs. Mayweather fight at GMA-7. It’s already end of 3rd round when I woke up. So, since wasn’t able to really watched it from the beginning, I didn’t really know who leads. I then asked my father and he answered me, “It’s Mosley who leads for previous 2 rounds” … and I said, “Hope Gayweather — I mean ‘Mayweather’ wins the fight”. He then asked me, “why?” and I replied, “Because I wanna see our very own “Pacquiao” beats his ass!” Because he’s soooo arrogant and the nerve of him to throw false accusations to our “Pambansang Kamao!” … (If I know, he’s just so scared to death to fight Pacquiao! Hehehe!) =))

The “Mosley vs. Mayweather fight” is done at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. I waited for the fight to end before I started my chores in the house.

Mayweather was almost knocked out by a right hand in the second round but rebounded to dominate Mosley the rest of the rounds. And when the 12 rounds end, he was announced as winner by unanimous decisions.

After the fight, there was an interview with him on the ring. And when he was asked about “Pacquiao”, this is what he responded:

“If Pacquiao wants to fight me, ‘I’m not that hard to find’. We tried to make it happen, it didn’t work and we moved on. Mosley is a warrior and he did what I asked him to do. ‘If every athlete in this sport is clean, they should be willing to take the test.’ If Manny takes the test ‘WE CAN make it happen … If he doesn’t, WE DON’T HAVE A FIGHT!’ ”

See?! This man really has so much arrogance in him! Tsk tsk tsk!!!


Gayweather said...

Mayweather is "GAY"

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@gayweather: wahaha =)

Jhiegzh said...

Well, we can't decide it though. Its on Pacquiao, but most probably if the two will have a fight in the near future, then it will be exciting! I understand the part of Mayweather, you must be strong in front of any media, perhaps to let people know that he really love to beat Pacquiao...Lets just see! Even though I haven't watched the fight, I preferred Mosley to win, but it already happened opposite to what I have expected..^^

JENIE=) said...

wasn't able to watch...thanks to ASAPxv haha. But i was really hoping he won't win. but winner or not, he stillis afraid of the champ, pacquiao!

let's see what excuse he will give this time just so he won't fight pacman...

thanks for all your visits dear. really appreciate them ;)

JENIE=) said...

oh yes I forgot, gayweather will stick to his KEY to not fighting pacquaio...after all he got what he wanted, avoid fight with pacman.

anyways, manny does not need's him who needs manny. so be it! LOSER!

i@иn℮™ said...

he has an avoidant personality towards something that is bound to happen. let's see if he can hide in his father's ass forever. Gayweather? I definitely agree!

mikelle said...

Hi friend, have a good Monday :) Mikelle

jenskie said...

hahah!!!! gayweather.

engr.kemm.coe said...

Welcome back ate!

Sendo said... pacquiao na kalabanin mo...bading!

bleep said...

have a badge, see and grab it now=)...but first of, can we link? hihihi!

engr.kemm.coe said...

Ate, invite kita to add length to my geostring. Please read this post. Thanks!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@jhiegz: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is indeed an exciting fight..hope it will really happen soon! My bf also prefer mosley to win (para mosley pa lang talo na xa then si mosley naman tatalunin ni pacquaio! so ibig sabihin...LOOSER si mayweather..wahaha)....kaya lang si mayweathner ang nanalo, ee..pero para sakin..OK un...PARA ILAMPASO ni pacman pagmumuka nya..wahaha =D

pero tingin ko parang LUTO un laban...kasi round 2 muntik na xa tumumba ee tapos after 4th and succeeding rounds...biglang banat na xa ng banat *hmn...thinking.mode*

@jenie: hehe...well, he already an excuse...sabe nya...if pacquiao won't take the test, there'll be no fight!...GAYweather talaga tong si mayweather..masyado duwag ke pacman..wahaha =))

anyways, your welcome friend :D

@i@иn℮™: GAYweather na GAYweather talaga...he's such a LOOOOOOOSER!!!!

@mikelle: hi to you too...thanks for dropping by in my site ^_^

@jenskie: UU gayweather..duwag kasi..dameng ALIBI... :p

@engr.kemm.coe: thanks...grabe..tagal ko MIA dito sa blog..busy kasi, ee..musta?..thanks for visiting :D

@sendo: hehe :D ako ba un bading? LOLz =)

@bleep: exchange link is OK..i'll drop by at your site...and will leave a message

@engr.keme.coe: hehe =) i supposed to sign up in that site...last february...kaya lang when i saw that i need to fill up the address section..i closed the window..mahirap na..baka instead na $10 cheque dumating sakin, ee..mga kung anu-anong billings (baka kasi scam)..hehe :D pero i did signUP sa clixsense...i think sister-company ata un... ^_^ nways, thanks for the invite...but i'll still think bout this first ;)

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