Monday, May 10, 2010

Done VOTING at last!

Today is the “BIG DAY”. Because, this is the day wherein there’ll be a “CHANGE” of governance in our country (well HOPEFULLY there will be ^_^)

So, since today is the most awaited “Philippine 2010 Election”, I went early in the morning (around 5 minutes before 7 o’clock in the morning) at Cembo Elementary School, (the school where I will cast my vote) and also the same school where I graduated elementary. ^_^

As I arrived there, there were already lots of people falling in line in their designated Precinct Rooms. I was hoping that since it’s already an “AUTOMATED VOTING SYSTEM”, lines will be faster and much shorter compared to the previous elections that we had. But I was so wrong. Because even if our voting system is already automated but still sad to say that “it’s sort of unorganized”.

Voters outside every precinct rooms are squeezing like sardines on the narrow-spaced hallway of the building. As a result, you could smell lots of different kinds of odors from perfume and sweat of those voters. (eeeeew!) And it makes the ambience even hotter :(

I’m already on the 67th line when I got to my precinct room. I waited for about an hour and a half (I guess) before I was finally able to get inside the room, cast my vote and got my ballot successfully registered in the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machine.

Before I finally submitted/entered my ballot in the PCOS, I whisper a short “prayer” to myself that “hopefully, this election will turn out successfully and that ONLY DESERVING PEOPLE will get elected on their designated positions” … I just hope that my simple prayers will be granted *I’m crossing my fingers* ^_^

By the way, here are some evidence that I’m done VOTING but oh, some pictures here are with “TYPOGRAPHICAL error” in their caption, so just ignore it. Because I’m too tired editing the pics again =)


iamcelgacusan said...

whew! tinapos mu tlaga e2ng blog mu and u r stil awake juz lyk me...i also had my piece but unfortunately havent any laptop to post it as quickly as u did! anyways sana nga manalo ung mga dserving..

ARUN P said...

hi.... add me n let me kno

Dhemz said...

ayay! ganda naman ng botante...ehhehehe! super busy talaga ang halalan....:)

salamat pala sa dalaw at comment dear...glad to be here!

Teknisyan said...

Nice pose!! :) Another dead finger nails!? LOLs.. j/k!

Thanks for commenting..Sadly I was not able to register, so I was not able to vote. But my candidates appears to be winning!

Thanks for asking! :)

Lord CM said...

Malay mo next year, organized na ang election :D sana,...

Anonymous said...

i did not vote. i have work duty. :(

Jhiegzh said...

Wee cute ni Gurlnextdoor...Same here! Done voting! Love the results too! LABAN! ^^

melody said...

stress ka ba sa pagvote mo??? im just neutral in electing officials but whoever will win we are just supporting and respecting.

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hi there! I'm sorry if I wasn't able to update my 2 other accounts especially my artblog. I am always maintaining my main blog. But will update all others soon. :))
I too casted my vote and I waited for 4 hours to finish. I was there around 11am up to 3pm so no lunch for me. hahaha. Thanks for always visiting by my blogs. Glad you have entrecard na. I'll always drop EC to this page :D thanks again friend :D

engr.kemm.coe said...

Ngayon lang ulit ako nakabisita.. Masarap magpahinga pagkatapos ng election eh. Hirap ng volunteer!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hello. ^_^ Found your blog from Aenid's blog.

Your situation is the same as mine eh. As for me, I waited for 4 hours just to cast my vote. But I am not complaining since I have met many of my elementary classmates while waiting in line. It is like a mini reunion for all of us.

melody said...

eehhh ang daming tao noh...buti nalang walang gulo.

bleep said...

wow sipag! talagang nagkuha ;)

MinnieRunner said...

Congrats! Nakakatuwa na kahit mahaba ang pila, nagtiyaga pa rin ang ating mga kapwa Pilipino para lang marinig at mabilang ang kanikaniyang boto :)

And so far so good. A peaceful election is what we had.

Jhiegzh said...

Care to follow?

goyo said...

talagang may posing after bumoto?! hehe.

bleep said...

im your sunshine you my brightest smile =)

Ruby said...

hi tukayo! weew! nakakapagod pala magvote huh? buti kapa nakapagvote ako ndi kasi mei work ako..:( di ako makapunta sa hometown namin :-s...ahmm..nanalo ba ung binoto mo?? hmm..ung bet ko kasi hndi nanalo..tsk2x..sayang talaga! tsk2x...anyway..paxenxa na ngaun lang ako ulit naka visit..yep mejo bz nga..nagppartime job din kasi ako..hehe...cge tukayo ingats! God bless! mwah!! =3

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@ALL: sorry guys for the suuuuuuper delayed responses! Just got sooooo damn busy! I only able to update my blog now...Anyways, thanks to all who posted comments here even if I wasn't able to make responses ^_^ I really do appreciate it :)

@iamcelgacusan: Yep! I really did finish this article during the election just to post and be known that I VOTED! ^_^

@arun p: thanks for visiting my site...and I already did...kindly check it here

@Dhemz: hi thanks for visiting me back and SUPER THANKS for the compliment :D

@Teknisyan: hehe :D uu nga ee ANOTHER DEAD time magregister ka para macount un vote mo..buti ka pa NANALO bet mo..ako HINDI both LOCAL and NATIONAL..wahaha =)) meron naman mga nanalo pero un sa HIGHER POSITION hindi ee...pero OK lang..ganun talaga..hehe

@Lord CM: well...sana nga..thanks for dropping by ^_^

@kuri: ay...sayang :(

@Jhiegzh: whew! thanks for the compliment...pumalakpak naman tenga ko..wahaha =))

@melody: hai super stress! well, i guess I DO AGREE with you WHOEVER WIN LET JUST SUPPORT and RESPECT...kahit di un ung binoto ko..wahaha =))

@Ria: whew! 4hours..tsk tsk...kakainip un ha?..ang hirap magmanage ng maraming blogs, noh?..ako di ko na din nauupdate iba kong blogs ee..hehe :D concentrate na lang dito ^_^

@engr.kemm.coe: wow! VOLUNTEER! I salute u!...hmn..may pay ba kayo? (un iba kasi meron) LOLz =))

@Ishmael: huwaaaat? 4 hours din?! same kayo ni Ria GeSilva..hehe! Buti ako mga 1 1/2 lang ata..kung un 1 1/2 pa nga lang nainip na ko..pano pa kaya kung 4hours din ako..hai baka umuwi na ako nun..hehe ;))

thanks anyways for dropping by..i'll visit you back later!

@melody: uu dame talaga TAO!

@bleep: hehe =) uu para may pang post dito sa blog..hehe..thanks for visiting here

@MinnieRunner: Congrats din friend :) panalo ba un naging bet u?

@goyo: well...hehe :D

@bleep: thanks for dropping by again ^_^

@ruby: tukayo, buti nagparamdam kaw ulit..sobrang busy..hehe :D san ba kaw?..dito ka din ba manila?..hope matsambahan kita sa ym...heheh :D chat ulit tayo ^_^

MinnieRunner said...

Hmmm, may nanalo may natalo, hehe :P

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