Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Bonding (Christmas Party --- Valencia Reunion 2K9)

Christmas is the best season to reunite with all your loved ones, that’s why most families held their family reunion during this season.

Last Sunday, December 27, 2K9, we had a “Christmas Party – Valencia Reunion ‘09” at Auntie’s place (in my boyfriend’s side). And we had so much fun. Everyone was laughing our heads out during the parlor games and during exchange gifts, as well. We definitely enjoyed the family reunion that day!

Almost everybody is present, except to some who weren’t able to make it for some reasons. We had a color-coding uniform for each family, like in our family (my bf’s side), the color of our t-shirts were gray. The rest were, black, pink, red, green and purple. All t-shirts just have 1 design on it.

We had lots of parlor games like: trip to Jerusalem (which one of our cousins mistakenly calls it ‘trip to Bethlehem’. I guess, because it’s Christmas that’s why he said it that way…LOLz), pinoy-henyo, basagan palayok, group yourselves into… and pasahan ng t-shirt. My apology, coz I don’t know the English names for those games :))

Aside from the games, of course, it will not be complete if there’ll be no eating and drinking sessions and the MOST IMPORTANT PART of all --- endless picture taking
(hahaha!) :)) Foods were: salad, spaghetti, rice, sinigang na baboy, maya-maya, fried tilapia, menudo, shanghai; drinks were tequila, san mig light and redhorse. Everyone was so full but thank God no one was drunk. ^_^

This is one of the moments I’ll cherish…I will never ever forget this. I’m just so glad to be part of my akachan’s life ^_^

And, oh, I think this event is memorable to nanay (my soon-to-be mother-in-law), too. Because on this day, Amiel (future brother-in-law) introduced to us his girlfriend Ria (which nanay formerly named her ‘utay’) hehe :))


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