Monday, December 21, 2009

Exchange Gift in the Office

Yey! Finally, I had time for my blog. I’ve been very busy last week --- too much OTs, too many work and Office Christmas Party. For 4 consecutive days, I haven’t check and updated my blog. I missed blogging! Thank God, coz I’m able to update my blog today and my topic will be our “Exchange Gift in the Office”. ^_^

Celebration of Christmas is incomplete without the traditional “exchange gift”, which is so common during this season. This tradition is followed since ages and this makes the season more cheerful.

The exchange gift is normally done by groups of relatives, neighbors, classmates or officemates who gather, usually on Christmas party to bestow Christmas gifts upon each other.

Here, in the Philippines, it is more commonly known as “monito/monita”, where in all participants are required to have their own code names to be used instead of their real names, in order to make the exchange gift “more fun & more exciting”. Sometimes, it’s kinda difficult to satisfy your monita/monito with the gift you’ll be given to them, because you never know if he/she will appreciate it. So, with the exchange gift with some of my close office friends, we decided to have our own code names to be used instead of our real names, just to make it “more fun & more exciting”. And in order to make everyone happy and satisfy with their gifts, we made a wish list, wherein all participants of the exchange gift jot down the list or choices of their ideal gifts that they wanted to received and we fixed the amount to P300. So, that it will be fair to everyone (no one will spend lower than the agreed amount nor will spend higher, unless of course if they want to) ^_^

And oh, the gift that I received during our exchange gift was a cutie, kikay teddy bear from bear cuddler! Yey, I really love it ^_^


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