Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kris Kringle - - - "something worth REMEMBERING"

Yesterday (December 14, 2K9) was our last batch of kris kringle and our theme was "something worth remembering".

From having only 4 members last week, we now had 1 additional participant, which made us 5. yey! All 5 of us were happy and really satisfied with the gift we had received yesterday.

Mhean, received a cutie pillow from Ara.

Then Ara, received a nice jewelry box from Cathy and Cathy received 2 personalized blank cd from Mhean which has Cathy and her cat’s picture printed on it. While Jen and I both got each other’s name, which make it seems that the 2 of us ‘literally’ exchanged gifts...hehe ^_^ My gift to Jen was a cutie wooden penholder display which has 2 bears on it and with a line “FRIENDS...That’s you and me” written on it. While I got, a lego-like calendar which will bring out the creativity in me ^_^

Pictures of me, Ara, Cathy and Jen holding the gifts we have received. ^_^ (mhean is not in the picture because she went home already)

I’m now excited for our final “exchange gifts” :)


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