Thursday, December 17, 2009

Overtime Hassle

Overtime (OT) is the amount of time someone works beyond normal working hours.

Rendering OT has it pros and cons, (I guess as for me it has… haha) It is good especially when you’re really in need of money, because it can somehow help you earn a little more compared to your usual pay or salary. OT rates per hour are usually higher than the usual hourly work rates.

But the thing though, when you rendered too many OTs, it also means higher tax deductions. So I guess, if you’re single and don’t have any legal or possible dependents just like I am, then I don’t think rendering too much OT is good (haha!) 15-20 hours OT will be fine, but beyond that...hmmmn…

Another thing, I hate ‘bout having OT everyday or too much OT are: First, when the supervisor (regardless he/she’s your supervisor of other group’s supervisor) asked you to go on double shift which means you’ve been working for 16 hours long then you still have to go to work the following day (tsk tsk tsk). That’s stressful and can make you over-fatigue, too! tsk tsk... Then lastly, during holiday seasons just like now, double shifts or too much OTs make you feel still sleepy and lazy to get up early in the morning for the pre-dawn mass, which as a result, not being able to attend simbang gabi. It also gives you no time for shopping.

So, what’s the use of getting extra or additional income from your OT pay, when you can’t even use it to shop or buy Christmas presents to your loved ones… :(

(The above statements are just based on my own experience/observation.)


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