Sunday, December 20, 2009

GlamRock Office Christmas Party 2K9

Christmas is the most spectacular. It is a time for numerous social events. Because during this yuletide season, many people, especially those that are belonged in an organizations gets to involved in voluntary works such as collecting/soliciting money(s) for charitable purposes, giving out gifts for street children and less fortunate families and the like.

Christmas is also the time for numerous parties in schools, communities/organizations, offices etc. It is the fantastic occasion to bring together office colleagues. It is usually being held 1 to 2 weeks before the Christmas itself and normally during the last working day of the week, either Friday or Saturday (depending on how many working days the company has in a week).

In our case, our office is open 24 hours-6 days a week. So, our company decided to hold our Company Christmas Party last Saturday, December 19, 2K9 at Whitespace. It is a 6-hours party which started at 6 o’clock in the evening and lasted till 12 o’clock in the midnight.
I’m connected in our company since October of 2007 which means that this year is already my 3rd Christmas party in the office. And I could definitely say that our party this year is awesome and is really so much better than what we had last year and the year before.

Coincidentally, this year is our company’s 25th year in the industry. And so, our company had really exerted so much effort for the preparation of the said party to make it “the grandiose and glamorous party ever”. The theme was “Glam Rock” and almost everyone was so glamorous with their outfits. Most of the employees participated and did all they can to show their “BEST GLAM ROCK OUTFIT”. ^_^
The party contains different programs or special participations, a speech from our company’s EVP (Mr. Michael Martel), a Mr. and Ms. Glam Rock of the night and of course, the MOST FAVORITE OF ALL EMPLOYEES the Christmas Raffle…hehe :))

The special participations came from some employees of different departments in the office. There were show bands and dance show. Our department’s (Content Conversion Group) participation was a dance portion and our representative did well in their dance portion. ^_^ (congrats guys)

The party officially started with the dinner. And whoa! There were lots of different foods/dishes and indeed tasted so good! Everyone was all satisfied with the foods and the service of the caterers. And for sure, everyone was so full that night…uhm…including me :))
Since, this year’s Christmas party is also the 25th year celebration of the company, our EVP (Mr. Martel) gives special recognition to all those loyal veterans in the company (those that had been connected in the company ever since it’s started and who’ve been there despite of the ups and downs of the company). He raffled the names of those said loyal veterans and the lucky winner won some certain amount of cash and also had the chance to have a picture with him. Yey! (^_^)

Lots of different items were been given out during our Christmas raffle such as: microwave ovens, oven toasters, mp3s, tabletop water refillers, photo frame, gas stoves, DVD player, rice cookers, headsets, speakers with subwoofers, nokia phones, electric thermos pot, CD sound machines and the grand prizes were: 2 digital cameras (Panasonic and Samsung), 1 Samsung flat TV and 1 Refrigerator (just forgot what brand and how big)
Oh, I was lucky enough that night. Because my name was been pick out in the raffle and I won the
    Philips CD Soundmachine
yey! (Congrats to me) \m/(^_^)\m/


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