Sunday, May 30, 2010

Got My Hair Rebonded

Last Friday (May 21st), I wasn’t able to go to work. Because my head really hurts so badly! So, I decided to just stay in the house and have more rest even if it’s actually equivalent to a “1 day without pay” to me, for I no longer have an SL. Huhu T_T. Actually, I still have but only .5 (half-day) :D

Coincidentally, my friend (which is a fellow blogger and an officemate of mine), also wasn’t able to go to work. We’ve been planning to have our hair done in a salon just before her wedding day, which will already be next month. So, when she found out that I wasn’t able to go to work, too. She texted me in the afternoon, checking if I’m already feeling ok.

And since my headache disappeared, we went to mall late afternoon. Actually I supposed to have my hair permed/curled — just like Leighton Meester’s hair, (the Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl). But my god!, when we inquired for the price … it was sooooo expensive!

My friend already settled at Index salon but I still continue inquiring at different salons in 2 different malls — Podium and SM Megamall. Hehe! =)

With my hair length, the cheapest price of digital perm is already P5,000.00 at Bench Fix Saloon. I went to other salon and the prices are even higher. At Vivere Salon, my hair already cost P9,000.00 for a digital perm, P7,000.00 at David’s For Revere, P8,500.00 at Ricky Reyes Salon. My God! With those prices, I could already buy 2 sets of office attire/clothes plus a bag and partner shoes/sandals. *deep.sigh*

So, as a result, I ended up having my hair rebonded instead. And the final destination was at David’s Salon at Star Mall, Mandaluyong City. Because they have a promo which only cost P2,500. ^_^ Yiii! Here’s my picture, taken 2 days after my hair rebond. It was taken by my akachan after we dined at McDonalds El Pueblo … just got a little too delayed for me to post this article. Because I only find time today, always busy :D


Valter said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, good weekend with happiness and peace my friend. Hugs Valter.

Anney said...

Nice!! Gusto ko ulit mag pa rebond. I've done it 2 x na kaya lang yung huli di ko nagustuhan kasi di naman na straight talaga yung hair ko sayang lang bayad ko na dry pa yung buhok ko. Pinapahaba ko lang ng kaunti at mag papa rebond uli ako.

Airamara said...

tlagang my photographer k p h, pro mas maganda sna kung ung prang ky leighton meester pro ok nrin yan (",)

Jhiegzh said...

Wow as long you can afford then GO! ^^ Nice hair outcome! Anyways new post here...Care to comment! Looking forward that you have a chatbox here too!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Nice hair rebond. ^_^

Ako nagpagupit lang kay manong barbero kanina. Well, it is good that you headache subsided.

Enjoy your week!

melody said...

wow!!! ganda naman ng hair mo...straight na straight na.

JENIE=) said...

wow, good for u! am planning to do that myself. but is it true that once you had ur hair rebonded you will have to do that already every so often? no stopping?

missing your visits dear =(

goyo said...

ang sweet naman ni Akachan. :)

Dhemz said...

waaaaaa...super mahal kaya....hehehhee...I got my hair rebonded when we went to the Philippines a few months ago...I paid 3500...waaa...super mahal...well, mas mahal dito sa US...ehehhee....I love your hair dear...super shiny....:) it looks good on you!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@valter: thanks for the visit too :)

@anney: thanks for dropping by here :) and sige pahabain mo pa yun hair para maganda pagnairebond na ^_^

@airamara: si akachan yun photographer jan...uu nga ee mas maganda sana un ke leighton meester na hair..kaya lang..SAKSAKAN ng ganda din ang presyo...LOL =)) pag-iipunan ko nga, yun, ee..para next year na magpaganun ako.. :)

@jhiegzh: thanks :) sorry nga pala..dalang na visit ko sa site u..dalang na kasi ako update, ee...try to visit you tomorrow (i mean..later this afternoon..madaling araw na kasi..need to have some sleep..may pasok pa ako, ee...but i do promised...i'll visit you later :) take care

@ishmael: thanks friend :) and look ka pala ha?...may i see? ^_^

@melody: hehe :) maganda lang talaga ako..wahaha =)) ganda din naman kasi ng presyo kaya dapat lang maganda ang outcome ng rebond ^_^

@jenie: hi friend..sorry, dalang na visit ko..busy, ee..dalang na ako nakakpagblog..i'll visit you later this afternoon..need to sleep muna..may pasok pa ako sa office maya, ee..

@goyo: thanks and uu sweet talaga yun.. ^_^

@dhemz: yeah..super mahal talaga...nakakapanghinayang man magspend ng ganun pero need din magpaganda, ee..LOLz =)) nways, wow! you've been here pala in the philippines this how was your vacay here?...was your daughter and your hubby with you when you visited here? thanks nga pala for the compliment :)

Tessa said...

I also have the same "want" as you do. Gusto ko rin magpacurl ng buhok. Kaso ang daming humihindi kasi daw masisira buhok ko. I rebonded it last time and it was expensive. Ngayon, parang hindi ko masyadong type magparebond 'coz I'll be having my practicum soon, and diba, bawal magtie ng hair pag rebonded? aun.
Nice hair btw. Have a nice day ;)

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