Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kris Kringle --- something 'Naughty

Christmas is the season of love, forgiving and giving. And usually, when Christmas is near, people are doing some “kris kringle” among friends, relatives, classmates or officemates. It usually start a few weeks before the Christmas party and the worth or amount of gift is much cheaper compared to the final “exchange gift” which is done during the Christmas party itself. Nice thing ’bout the kris kringle, is that, it comes with a particular theme which is often funny, green, unique and the like; that makes it more thrilling and challenging.

Last Saturday, while everyone is so busy with too many projects/works in the office, I and some of my close friends in the office decided to do some kris kringle of our own. Just to somehow lighten the atmosphere in the office, to feel relax a little and be able to at least feel the spirit of Christmas despite of the hectic schedule and too much pressure at work. And our theme was something “NAUGHTY”.

So Monday came and it's time for the exchanging of gifts. All four of us who agreed to do the kris kringle were laughing our heads out with the gifts we received. Two of my officemates received a ‘bunny headband’; the other one, received a sexy, censored porky (pig) figurine. Wondering why I call it “censored”? Well, it's because it has its boobs out :))

And before I forget, mine was a sexy purple thong plus a lubricant...haha! Hmn, I'm thinking of when to use it. (LOLz)

Hmn..I'm already looking forward for the next gift to receive and for a new theme (excited) ^_^. Hope it's a lot funnier than the one that we had last Monday *chuckle*


jenskie said...

i hope we started this earlier...


ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

well, yeah...we should have started it earlier. It could have been more fun ^_^ but problem is, we're all damn busy at work. Nice thing that we still decided to do this, anyway.. ^_^

I'm excited for next monday's kris kringle and for the final exchange gift, as well =)

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