Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easy and Simple Tips to "HELP SAVE OUR PLANET"

We all know that our environment is acting kinda weird nowadays — volcanoes in some places are getting active again, earthquakes are happening almost everywhere, glaciers in foreign countries are melting rapidly, summer days are sooooo much hotteeeerrrr than usual!, while rainy days are drowning places we never imagined it could. That’s why lots of advocacy projects and advertisement are being shown worldwide, in order to raise awareness to people about the problem we’re all facing right now and as well as to encourage everyone to take actions regarding it!


  1. Plant a herb garden on your balcony

    …that if incase you lack outdoor space
  2. Choose Greener/Solar Power

    …use “Solar Energy Technologies/Material” such as “chargers that uses solar power”
  3. Measure Your Miles

    …when going to a short distant places, try riding a bike or walking instead of using your wheels. In this case, you will not only prevent pollution but you can also save money on your side ^_^
  4. Use the Stairs instead of the Elevators

    …this is applicable only when you’re going to 5th–10th-storey building. With this, you will not only save energy but it’s also a means of exercise to keep you fit. Actually, I used to do this in the office last year. Our office is located at the 10th floor of Insular Life Building in Makati and whenever I go home from work, I always used stairs in going down the building instead of the elevator. But then later on I stopped. Because I no longer have companion going downstairs and beside, I’m on a 2nd shift schedule at work which starts at 2pm till 10pm. So using the stairs alone at 10 in the evening kinda scares the hell out of me…hehehe! =))
  5. Pollute Less

    …by using a “Clean Diesel”

  6. Conserve Water

    …when you see a leak in your faucets, fix it right away. If you’re rich and you always used a bathtub in taking a bath, then now is the time for you to take a 5-10minutes shower instead. Because, I’ve heard that a bathtub requires 70-gallon of water!

  7. Go Paperless

    …sign up in “e-Statement” for your credit card billing statement/SOA (statement of account) in order to avoid using papers to deliver your SOA and also to avoid delay in delivering the SOA. Because some banks sometimes don’t deliver the SOA on time, just like what my akachan (bf) experienced in his credit card ^_^
  8. Go Green

    …when shopping or buying groceries, it’s better if you bring a cloth bag with you that can be used to placed all the grocery items that you bought, instead of using the usual “Plastic Bags” in the Grocery Stores. I believe some malls here in the Philippines are already practicing that — using Cloth Bag instead of the Plastic Bags, like in SM Malls. But I think, you need to buy the cloth bag of course.
  9. E-cycle

    …sell your out-dated or no longer functioning gadgets at You will not only earn cash but you also help recycle those electronics materials.
  10. Change a Light Bulb

    …replace your incandescent fluorescent with compact fluorescent light bulb, because it is 75% less energy and also lasts 10 times longer
  11. Un-plug Electronic materials/Appliances when not in use

    …unplugging appliances when not in used especially if leaving the house not only saves energy but also prevent fire especially during hot season
  12. Watch your Shopping

    …as much as possible when buying appliances, buy items with the Energy Star label (a label that indicates a model that has met minimum federal energy efficiency standards)
  13. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    …separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable and recyclable from non-recyclable materials

If we ONLY DO OUR BEST to stop the rampant GLOBAL WARMING, then we can expect certain rewards in the future. So, I hope the above tips can help “YOU” to help “SAVE OUR PLANET”.


engr.kemm.coe said...

Recycle and recycle guys. That's it!

MinnieRunner said...

Nice tips you have here. Hope we all do our fair share in helping save our planet.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@engr.kemm.coe: I AGREE! ^_^

@MinnieRunner: thanks friend and yes i really do hope that all of us will do our share in saving our mother earth... ^_^ coz after all "TAYO" din naman ang makikinabang dun :)

@bi3L said...

what more can you ask for... everyone is green minded nowadays!!! Hopefully this will help green our planet once again!

hey... care for a link exchange? :)

The Teknisyan said...

this is a really good post... thanks!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Things I got from the Net!!!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@ "@bi3L": thanks for visiting my site ^_^ and for wanting to exchange links with me..i already added your 3 blogs here in my site...just add mine in your 3 blogs, as well.. thanks and keep on visiting ^_^

@The Teknisyan: thanks for the compliment and hope you enjoyed your weekend, too..have a great day friend ^_^

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