Monday, April 26, 2010

What to do During Fire

Every year lots of fire incidents is happening in and out of the country especially during hot seasons. Fires are very dangerous because:

  1. It spread quickly
  2. The heat from the fire can be badly
  3. It’s difficult to see because of the smoke from the fire
  4. Breathing smoke gases from fire can also be deadly

So be prepared! Because it can happen anywhere, whether you’re in your house, in the office, in a mall and so on. It can even start in many ways.

Below are some of the following “TIPS on WHAT TO DO DURING FIRE”:

  1. When you’re in a building (such as offices, malls etc.), make sure to know where the “FIRE EXIT” is located.
  2. Use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires. You can also use water if the fire is not electrical or chemical. Do NOT try to put out a fire that you can’t control.
  3. If there’s a fire that is too big to put out, leave the place immediately. Because you might not have the chance to call for a fire department.
  4. If you can see smoke in the house, stay low to the ground as you make your way to the exit.
  5. Do not run, if your clothes catches fire but “Stop Drop and Roll” instead.
  6. When you’re trap in a room, do the following:
    1. Check to see if there’s heat or smoke coming in the cracks around the door.
    2. Don’t open the door when you the smoke coming under the door.
    3. Touch the door if you don’t see the smoke. If it’s hot or very warm then don’t open it.
    4. If you don’t see smoke and the door isn’t hot, then slightly use your fingers to lightly touch the doorknob. If it’s hot, don’t open it.
    5. If the doorknob feels cool and you don’t see any smoke around, only then you can open the door slowly and carefully.
    6. When you open the door and you feel a burst of heat or see smoke pours into the room, quickly close the door and make sure it is really really closed..
    7. If there’s no smoke or heat when you open the door, quickly make your way out.
    8. Yell for help.

Hope the above TIPS can help ‘YOU’ be aware on how to respond when you’re in fire situation. ^_^

For “FIRE PREVENTION TIPS” click here.


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