Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fire in Residential Area in QC

This afternoon, my akachan (bf) together with our friend (Max) had some meeting/bonding together. We had our lunch at McDo El Pueblo. Then we went to St. Francis Square to discuss something. After an hour or so, we parted ways with Max and had some mall-hopping — from St. Francis Square to Robinson’s Galleria, to Podium then to SM Megamall, (for our last destination).

We were done mall-hopping around past 3 PM and decided to went to their house to rest for awhile then watch TV and surf net while waiting for the Sunday Mass schedule at St. Francis Church.

When we arrived in their place, we went straight to their 3rd floor to start surfing net. It is there, where we usually do net surfing whenever we’re in their place. Because it’s more relaxing there and also a nice view for sunset. You can also see from there lots of building along Shaw and Boni, and then QC and Sta Mesa. And from afar, you can see some of the mountains in Antipolo (but of course, kinda blurred because it’s quite far from their place) :) Their 3rd is really the nice place in their house. They even call it as their very own “the-overlooking”. Hehehe! =))

Photo of dark smoke from fire in QC that I took from their 3rd floor house

So, when we were already in the 3rd floor, we was shock to see dark smokes from afar. From that dark smokes, we knew it was fire but we just didn’t know the location. We first assumed it was either in Sta Mesa or San Juan.

But when I watched the news this evening, I found out that it was actually in QC — a residential area along E. Rodriguez. The video clips of the fire is shown below: (I got this from

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Based on the above news, they didn’t know the estimate number of victims yet, but there’s already an update about the fire which I got also from GMA News website.

According to their website, the fire started around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, leaving hundreds of families loses their homes, at least 200 houses were burned down and at least 1 firefighter reportedly sustained injuries while battling the blaze even.

The fire was said to occur hours after fire volunteers held an Olympics-like event in Southern Metro Manila to enhance their skills in firefighting.

We didn’t know how long the fire lasted. Because as I remembered akachan and I stayed in their place for about an hour and a half (I guess) and the dark smoke hasn’t been over yet. I felt sad for those victims of the said fire incidents. Because it’s really devastating when you encountered “fire”. Other even says:

“Mas mabuti ng ‘Bahain’ kesa masunugan. Kasi sa baha may matitira at maisasalba pang gamit pero sa sunog wala!”.

And oh, last Friday there was also fire in Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Tsk tsk tsk … lots of fire incidents already happening everywhere. So, it’s BEST that people be aware on how to prevent fire and even what to do during fire.

For “Fire Prevention Tips”, click here and for “What to do during Fire” click here.


The Beatles said...

Just read the news this morning from yahoo. The huge fire yesterday destroyed about 300 houses and left about 7,000 people homeless.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@the beatles: my goodness! this fire was really such a huge one, huh? actually left 7K people homeless..tsk tsk...

anyways, thanks for the links :)

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