Monday, April 12, 2010

Rare 5.16-carat Blue-Diamond sold at Auction for US$6.4-million

Last Wednesday, a rare 5.16-carat blue-diamond was sold at auction in Hong Kong for US$6.4-million dollar! Whoa! That was a lot! ^_^

The flawless pear-shaped blue-diamond was once part of the legendary De Beers Millennium Collection. It is said that it was the first gem of its kind to appear in auction from the collection De Beers, (the world’s largest diamond producer).

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Auctioneers Sotheby’s had priced the said diamond at between US$4.6-million and US$5.8-million and was sold in Hong Kong to London-based gem merchant named “Alisa Moussaieff” who paid more than the expected price.

She was quite satisfied with the price and said:

“It’s and individual thing and people have got to like it and people have got to see the value in it, but we do see the value and I hope our clients will see the value, as well.”

Her London-based boutique will change the gem’s mounting and offer the stone “to discerning clients, possibly in ‘ASIA’ ”, she said.

The De Beers Millennium Collection comprised 12 rare gems and took decades to assemble. Blue diamonds are among the rarest of all gems and owe their natural color to the presence of the chemical element “boron” during the stone’s formation.

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The overall auction raised US$52.4-million, a figure Sotheby’s said was the highest total ever for a sale of this category. They say that the auction’s location probably helped. Because according to Sotheby’s, “Hong Kong has become the world’s third largest auction hub after New York and London, spurred by China’s growing wealth and increasing taste for fine art.”


melody said...

why you didnt post the picture of the diamond?? does it not permitted???

MinnieRunner said...

If I had that amount of money, I won't spend that on rare diamond :P

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@melody: nakapost naman poh, ah..may credits pa nga sa pinagkuhaan ko, ee..baka di lang makita sa pc u ^_^

@MinnieRunner: me, too...i have such big amount of money, I would rather invest it in new business and donate some to organizations and charities ^_^

Asian Treasure said...

kung ako walang mapaglagyan ng pera ko bibili din ako ng ganyan.

mahirap makakita nyan.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Asian Treasure: hehe =) nice...ako DI talaga bibili kahit maging sandamukal pa ng dame ang pera ko...hehe =)

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