Sunday, March 14, 2010

1st Monthsary Victory of Wala ka sa LOLO ko

It’s been almost a week since I last updated my blog. I miss blogging, but can’t get to update it due to many workloads in the office. Thankfully, I find time to check and update my blog today. So, I’ll start it with an article about the 1st monthsary victory of “Wala ka sa LOLO ko”.

Wala ka sa LOLO ko website is an official entry for the Palarong SEO Contest with a theme “Sikat ang PINOY, which ended last 14th of February 2010 (“Valentine’s Day”).

That blog is consists of funny articles which entertained readers or visitors. It is own by my boyfriend but he later on recruit some members that will help him update and manage the said blog. Those members are his officemates.

My boyfriend decided to feature funny/comedy/jokes in their blog in order to be unique and be able to attract more visitors and followers. They decided that the image they will feature in their site should be made or created from MS Paint in order to show their creativity.

It’s his group mates first time to join in such contest and second time for him. The first was Palarong SEO Contest with a theme “Paradise Philippines but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to win on that contest because he was too busy in his work then.

Him and his group mate are just new in this field — SEO because most of them are graphic artist and a web programmer. They decided to just join the contest for experience and to know or learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Their blog was the 1st or Grand Prize winner and won certain amount of cash, which they equally divided into 10 — 9 shares for the 9 members and the other 1 share is the one that they donated to a foundation for the “Ondoy Victims”.

I was soooo proud of them especially to my boyfriend. Because he was the one who really took the contest seriously and he exerted a lot of effort in it. Lastly, I’m proud of them, because they not only join for the cash prize but also to be able to help those Ondoy Victims, as well.


melody said...

happy monthsary

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@melody: thanks dear for the greet =)

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