Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paramore Concert in the PHILIPPINES

Paramore is an American rock band that formed in Franklin Tennessee way back 2004. It was been popularly known after the big hit of the movie “Twilight”. Because their single entitle “Decode” was included in that movie.

The band released their debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005 and their second album, RIOT! in 2007, which has sold platinum in the U.S. and gold in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Paramore third album was released on September 29, 2009 Brand New Eyes is the band’s highest charting album to date On January 19, 2010 Brand New Eyes was certified gold in the U.S.

Its members are:
  • Hayley Williams — lead singer/keyboardist
  • Josh Farro — guitarist/vocal
  • Jeremy Davis — bass guitarist (bassist)
  • Zac Farro — drummer
  • Taylor York — rhythm guitarist

The band had just perform their first ever concert here in the Philippines last March 9 for all their Pinoy Fans. The concert was at SM Moa Concert Ground. My friend/officemate — Maria Ara (Ara) — was able to watch it. She’s a die-hard fan of Paramore and a concert-addict, too. LOLz :))

Below are some of the popular songs of Paramore, you may click the link for it’s free MP3 download :)

  1. Decode
  2. Hallelujah
  3. Brick by Boring Brick
  4. Ignorance
  5. That’s What You Get


The Teknisyan said...

wow... ganda naman.. you actually watched the concert!!!

inggit ako!!! ;)

Ruby said...

wow!! buti pa friend mo nakakita nito!!! sana babalik cla ulit! heheh

bleep said...

Wish i've seen them myself =(

BTW, i'm just came from Life 'round meNyou and saw you in the chatbox there...and i'm here hoping to be a friend as well. please visit my blog, thanks.

melody said...

their looks are really like vampires!!! hahahah lol

Enjoy This Blog said...

Like This...

Disgaea Series said...

pupunta sila dito.

i@иn℮™ said...

whoa! i do love Paramore:D

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@The Teknisyan: hehe :)) wasn't able to actually watched it...May pasok kasi ako and 2nd shift schedule ko...Pero my officemate/friend watched kanya ung mga pics dito...

*CREDITS TO ARA for all the pics here* :)

@Ruby: Yeah, buti pa friend ko. 1st shift kasi xa sa work, ee kaya aun may time xa manood *kakainggit nga, ee* :)) well, sana bumalik sila and MANONOOD talaga me :) soooo like hayley williams ^_^

@bleep: thanks for visiting my site...ok, I'll check out your blog :) thanks again ^_^

@melody: hehe... :)

@Enjoy this Blog: thanks for visiting my site :)

@Disgaea Series: nakapunta at nakaalis na po...hehe :)) pero sana bumalik sila

@i@иn℮™: and so am i :) thanks for visiting, i@иn℮™ ^_^

Wala ka sa LOLO ko said...

Nakapanood si Rybaxs nyan. VIP pa sya.

The Beatles said...

Hindi ko napanood sayang!

Cars Online said...

Ako rin napanood ko ito dito sa Pinas. Ang ganda ni Hayley Williams.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@The Beatles: hehe..okie lan yan...pareho tayo...SANA bumalik ulit sila :)

@Wala ka sa LOLO ko: yeah, i heard...congrats to rybax :)

@Cars Online: talaga?! Buti ka pa...kakainggit naman

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