Friday, March 26, 2010

Philippines rattled 6.2-magnitude earthquake TODAY!

Early afternoon today, 25th of March, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit our country, Philippines. I was in the office rendering OT (overtime) when that incident happened.

At first, I thought I was just a little dizzy and didn’t really pay much attention to it. Coz I didn’t know that it was already an earthquake. I had my headset on that time and I was listening to my mp3 songs a bit loud, so I couldn’t really hear that there was already a little commotion going on in the office regarding incident.

Then, when the shaking in the building gets a little stronger that’s when I decided to asked my officemate near me “if it’s actually an earthquake” and she answered “Yes it is!”, and I was like “Oh, My God! Then I made a sign of the cross”. I got really scared coz it lasted for about half a minute and I could really feel the building and my body shaking. Then when, the earthquake had finally stop, the first thing that came in to my mind was to text my loved ones — my parents, my boyfriend and his family — asking if they felt it and telling them to just take care. I also texted my “barkadas” (friends) the same thing.

The earthquake according to news, had initially reported by the PHILVOCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology), having a 6.2 magnitude but then later on lowered it to 6.0, after receiving more field data.

And also according to the PHILVOCS, the details of the intensity of earthquakes are listed below:

  • Intensity V

    • Looc
    • Lubang Island in Mindoro Occidental
  • Intensity IV

    • Quezon City
    • Mandaluyong City
    • Makati City
    • Clark, Pampanga
  • Intensity II

    • Bagac
    • Bataan
    • Canlubang, Laguna

According to PHILVOCS:
After shock is expected, although the quake is not expected to generate tsunamis because “It was not too strong.”

Based to a separate report from the USGS (United States Geological Survey), the quake, which occurred 1:29 P.M., measured 6.1-magnitude and with an epicenter at “Lubang Island, Mindoro Occidental”. The epicenter had a depth of 72.4 kilometers.

Although the building shaking in Manila lasted for about 30 seconds which sends frightened employees out into the street, still thank God, coz there were actually no immediate reports of damage or casualties and also no tsunami alert was issued.

Let’s us all pray that it won’t happened again and no more tragedy to happen again, coz it was really scary especially thinking of the past incidents that happened in other countries such as Haiti and Chile.


melody said...

uh uh... very tragic na talagay ang mga pangyayari ngyaon!!!

melody said...

just good thats its not so intensified.

Ruby said...

wow! di ko pa naranasan to ah...sana di na to maulit muli..kahit saan sa pinas..nakakatakot :S

Enjoy This Blog said...

Like This Bro..

MinnieRunner said...

I believe everyone thought that we were just dizzy. Glad that nothing worse happened.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@melody: uu nga...buti na lang talaga ganun di natulad sa haiti..kakatakot!

@ruby: naku, nakakatakot to the max talaga, tukayo ;) well, sana wag na maulit...nga pala..di mo ba naramdaman?

@Enjoy this blog: thanks ;)

@MinnieRunner: yeah...naramdaman mo din ba?..grabe kala ko talaga nahihilo lang ako...un pala lindol na..sobrang natakot talaga ako

MinnieRunner said...

Yup! Naramdaman ko. Good thing nasa first floor lang ako.

JENIE=) said...

it's shaking everywhere it His 2nd coming soon?

monday stroll ;)
life round meNyou

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@MinnieRunner: good for you ;)

@Jenie: thanks for visiting my site, friend :D anyways, regarding HIS 2nd coming...i don't know...actually NO ONE KNOWS ;) let's pray it's not doomsday yet :D

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