Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CROCS Mega Sale at the Mega Tent

It’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Coz I got sooooo busy last month — soooo many meet ups with friends and cousin, birthdays to attend to and plus the fact that I’m soooo damn busy at work — too many overtime as in double shift! Darn! But it’s a-ok though, coz at least it’s additional income for me. :)

I have lots of pending articles to feature in my blog, including the one, about the victory of my akachan for his blog — “WALA KA SA LOLO KO” — winning 1st prize in the previous “Palarong SEO Contest” that ended last Valentine’s day … hope I can all post it by this week.
Last Sunday, when my boyfriend and I were on the cab on the way home, I saw this huge billboard along MRT Boni Station. Guess what it is?
Well, it’s none other than the “CROCS having a biggest sale again at the Mega Tent in Ortigas. Based on what I’ve read in their billboard, they’ll be having up to 90% discount starting on 18th of this month till the 21st.

Hmn … up to 90% off??! … whoa! That’s a lot! — Knowing CROCS' prices are ranging from P1k–P2k and even higher! In fact, even their footwears for kids are amounting to P1,850 and above — I guess that’s the lowest price they have for their products. So, see … 90% off is quite a BIG HELP (hehe!). Well, can’t they just make it up to 100% OFF (LOLz)
Anyways, I’ve also read in the billboard that this event is in partnership with CitiBank which makes all CitiBank credit cardholders free of entrance. I’m wondering how much will be the entrance for the non-Citi cardholders like me … Coz I’d like to go there and see if I could be able to buy my favorite CROCS item, the …

Pink Colored Captiva

Purple Colored Wake


Chyng said...

ooohh nice, free entrance. kaso daming tao nyan for sure. im ok with my japeyks na crocs. hihi

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@chyng: thanks for visiting my site.. :)

anyways, YEAH that's for sure...up to 90% ba naman ang discount,ee...for sure mga CROCS lovers out there pupunta dun at makikigulo..hehe :))

hmn...japeyks na crocs...whoa! d nga?..d halata sayo na gumagamit ka nun, ha? muka kang sosyalin, ee..LOLz..hehe :))

The Beatles said...

Wow! Swak na swak para sa summer!

Monster Hunter Series said...

Nice! Thanks for the info. I will forward this article to my friend. Mahilig sa Crocs yun

Mon said...

wow i love crocs. so light and comfy!!
kaso wala dito sa cebu yung Sale! :(

anyways, added ur link na on my blogroll.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@The Beatles: yes, indeed...SWAK na SWAK talaga :) go there and buy one :)

@Monster Hunter Series: your welcome...hope your friend will attend this upcoming CROCS Mega Sale ^_^

@Mon: hmn...punta ka na lang diri sa manila para makapalit kaw ug imong gusto na sayang man ang sale ^_^

...pagpasensyahan mo na bisaya ko, ha?...di me masyado fluent, ee..kinonsult ko pa sa mother ko yan :)

anyways, thanks for adding my site to your blog :) godbless

Anonymous said...

i'm from sta rosa laguna...don't know how can i get there..can anyone help me pls?

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@Anonymous: hi thanks for visiting my site...anways, just ride a bus..going to north area like monumento/bulacan/fairview. I'm not really sure if there's such bus there in sta rosa. Para sigurado, magALABANG kaw kasi marami dun bus (sa may terminal)going to north then tell the conductor to drop you off in ortigas. Alam ko walking distance na lang un from there :)

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