Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LG's 3D-TV

Since 3D (three-dimensional) movies are “IN” nowadays and as technology continues to evolve, 3D-TV has became the next generation of televisions.

LG 3D-TV is one example of this. The LG Electronics had pushed on 3D-TV technology because of the success of the James Cameron movie entitled Avatar.

Photo from techie.com.ph

Last week of February or early of this month (if I’m not mistaken), my boyfriend and I saw the LG 3D-TV demo in Megamall as we were strolling in the mall. It was a huge tv with a really big/wide screen. We weren’t really able to try putting on the 3D glasses to really feel/experience its three-dimensional effect though. Because there were lots of “USISERO” (hehehe!) who were standing in front of the 3D-TV with the 3D glasses on, to experience it. LOLz ;))

We only saw it from a distance and the image of course was a bit blurry because we don’t have the 3D glasses. I think it could have been a nice experience if we were able to try putting on the 3D glasses to see its eye-popping images. Sayang! :(


melody said...

wow!!!! very nice... i love it

Enjoy This Blog said...

Like This! Gue Suka Blog loe...

visit me and coment!

JENIE said...

wonderful breakthrough yet again ;)

waving hello frm a dear friend ;)

svetlana said...

want one..hehehe

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@melody: thanks melody ^_^

@Enjoy This Blog: thanks and I already visited your site ;)

@Jenie: thanks for visiting and for the comment..godbless

@svetlana: hehe...d'u know how much it cost?..hmn..i guess P150K...so, start saving money now...LOLz ;))

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