Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventure in search of Seattle's Best Coffee Shop

Early this morning, I went to Pag-ibig (Home Development Mutual Fund) Office with a friend and officemate, May Anne (which I often call “Mie”), to submit ours and our officemate’s Pag-ibig Loan Application Form for renewal.

But unfortunately, we couldn’t renew our loan yet. Because according to their database we’re still lacking 1 more share/contribution/payment to be able to complete the 6 months for renewal. And since our company pays quarterly, so we still need to wait for April which is already next week. Yey! Hahaha :D

It was kinda hot when we went out the HDMF Building. So, we decided to just go to the mall and spend some spare time there while waiting for our 2pm shift at work and to have some bonding, as well. It was already near lunch when we head on to the mall. We’re not really hungry, we just wanted to sip some cold frappucinos and stay on a coffee shop for some wifi because I brought my laptop with me.

Usually, we just go to Starbucks and ordered some frap that we like, since it’s the nearest coffee shop in our office. But this time, we decided to dine somewhere else to try a new one — I mean, at least new in our taste. LOLz ;)

So, we decided to look for a nearest Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop near in the place that we were at. And goodness gracious! You can’t believe the adventure we had in search of of that coffee shop. LOLz ;))

We, first tried going to Glorietta thinking that there’s a branch there but there was none. Then we asked the guard for the nearest Seattle’s Best and he points us at Rustan’s. Then when we arrived there, the guard there told us that they only have UCC Coffee Shop and direct us to go to Greenbelt 5.

As we head on to Greenbelt 5, Mie wanted us to just cross the street instead of taking the walkway bridge connecting Landmark Mall and Greenbelt. So, I said, “OK!” Then, when we were supposed to cross the street already, I noticed that there was this sign that says, “NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING … City Ordinance … blah blah!” So, I was like, “Oh, my God Mie! Pedestrian crossing is not aloud here! Gosh, we might get caught! Darn!” So, I quickly grabbed her and we both walked back. Then, when I look around us, I saw this two men laughing at us. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t notice immediately the sign when in fact it’s big enough for anyone to notice it. Well, I guess, we’re just really not paying attention! hehehe! That was sooooo embarrassing! Shocks! But we just start to laugh at it! Hehehe! :))

Then when we got there, still no luck! Another guard pointed us to Greenbelt 3! Huh! So tiring to the max! Darn! hahaha ;))

Finally, when we went outside Greenbelt 5 to proceed to Greenbelt 3, I already saw Seattle’s Best from afar! Whoa! That was “ONE HELL OF A TRIP” but that was fun especially the one that we almost cross the “NO Pedestrian crossing street”! :D We actually can’t stop ourselves from laughing our hearts out as we remember that embarrassment that we had that time. Hehehe ;))

When, we enter the coffee shop, she ordered for a Double Choco Mint Javakula and ensaymada and I ordered Brownie Javakula and Ham & Cheese Croissant. Then I take out 1 slice of carrot cake and a butterscotch fudge brownie as pasalubong for mama & papa. ;) Hmn … yumyum!


JENIE=) said...

that's the best coffee shop in the world for the white choco mocca and the cool jazz playing as you sip your delicious coffee!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

@jenie: thanks for visiting friend...happy easter to you...well, i like the place in seattle's serene...i guess kasi mejo maaga pa nun...pero nagustuhan ko un inorder namin..sarap..planning to dine there again..wala kasing malapit na seattle's best samin, ee..kaya lage lang kame starbucks..hehe ;)

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